Zaki Kabob House Berkeley Catering Service Makes Hosting Summer Parties Easy

Dining al fresco with family and friends is something that most people find enjoyable during the summer months. However, depending on the number of guests, the prep work can be time consuming. If you find yourself in such a situation, why not make use of our Berkeley catering service? It’s a great, no-fuss way to provide your loved ones with healthy foods.

Consider starting the event off with one or both of our party platters. Each one serves up to 10 guests. The Mediterranean Vegan Platter consists of nutritious pitas, dolmas, baba ghannouj and hummus. Your guests will unquestionably appreciate the flavorful foods for their vitamin and mineral density. The baba ghannouj alone provides such essential nutrients as vitamins B, A and C as well as potassium. The dish’s potassium content is exceptionally beneficial for guests that plan on engaging in party activities like beach volleyball and swimming. That’s because over the years studies have shown that our bodies tend to need more potassium during the warmer months.

Our other party platter is comprised of tabouleh, mashweeya, dolma, a Jericho salad and a cucumber yogurt salad. Your guests are apt to find all of them refreshing and nourishing as well. Consider serving it with chilled water, yogurt drinks or herbal teas. If you do decide to go with the yogurt drinks, they’ll undoubtedly help to boost your guests’ calcium levels and improve their gastric health.

From there, you may want to surprise your guests with wholesome, rotisserie chicken or a stuffed, whole oven-roasted lamb. Depending on your order, the entrees may serve up to 35 people. We also offer various size side dishes like hand rolled, stuffed grape leaves and jasmine rice trays adored with toasted almonds and parsley. Each entree and side dish is expertly prepared and lean. So your guests will be able to keep their daily fat intakes in check.

Afterward, end the party on a satisfying, sweet note by serving one of our nut filled baklavas. One is made with walnuts and the other contains pistachios. Both nuts are known to be heart healthy. The walnuts are also said to help prevent type 2 diabetes.  

To learn more about our healthy Berkeley catering services, contact us at 1-510-527-5452 or visit our Albany location

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Enjoy the Dessert of Royalty and Romance at the Zaki Kabob House

ImageAt first glance, baklava may seem like a simple pastry: no chocolate or frosting, just phyllo dough, honey and nuts.  But don’t let its humble appearance deceive you.  Baklava has been around for centuries and in many Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cultures, it is considered the dessert of royalty and romance.

Baklava is said to have originated in the kitchens of the Tokapi Palace in Istanbul.  Baklava gained particular notoriety due to its role in the Baklava Alayi, a ceremonial parade that took place every 15th month of Ramadan when the Sultan would send trays of baklava to his army soldiers in order to show the bond between them.  Because of its ingredients, baklava was reserved primarily for the special occasions or for the very rich, which is where the Turkish saying, “I am not rich enough to eat baklava in my own house,” comes from.  (Fortunately, we at the Kabob House realize that not everyone has a sultan’s fortune and have priced our baklava so that anyone can enjoy it!)

In addition to serving baklava to his soldiers, the sultan would also serve baklava to the women of his harem because of its aphrodisiac qualities.  Baklava contains honey and nuts, both of which are considered aphrodisiacs.  Honey is rich in boron, which is proven to increase the production of estrogen in women as well as Vitamin B which increases testosterone in men.  Similarly, nuts are high in Vitamins B1, B2 and zinc, all of which help increase potency for men and maintain a healthy sex drive for both genders.  Some baklava recipes include additional aphrodisiac spices such as cinnamon, cloves or cardamom to increase blood flow.  (Needless to say, those hoping to make “date night” extra special should consider sharing a slice of this sultry pastry with their significant other.) 

If you’re looking for the royal treatment or for a little something sweet to put you and your loved one “in the mood,” then stop by our restaurant in Albany for a slice of our delicious homemade baklava.  Our menu features both a classic Walnut Baklava as well as an Organic Turkish Style Pistachio Baklava.  For further information, please visit our website or contact us.

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Berkeley Mediterranean Restaurant Provides an Oasis to Beat Summertime Heat

Summertime calls to mind images of drinking lemonade on the front porch, chasing ice cream trucks and barbecuing in the backyard. But what happens when the scorching heat makes enjoying your usual summer pastimes unbearable? It’s time to move the fun out of the sun and indoors to a cooler place where you can still appreciate the pleasures of summer: the Zaki Kabob House.

This Berkeley restaurant provides an oasis where people can escape the stifling weather and enjoy some delicious Mediterranean cuisines. Our menu features many beverages that will not only quench their thirst, but also leave them feeling cool and refreshed. Why not start off with our house beverage, the Jerusalem Mint Lemonade? As the name suggests, this drink is infused with mint leaves whose tingling aftertaste adds an extra level of refreshment. If you find yourself screaming for ice cream, we also offer a special Mediterranean twist on the classic milkshake called Dhook, which is a cold and creamy yoghurt drink. (The best part is that there’s no need to flag down an ice cream man.)

At the Zaki Kabob House, we spare people the trouble of slaving over a hot grill. Our menu offers a wide selection of kabobs, schawerma and rotisserie chicken that are roasted to tender and juicy perfection. Vegetarians are also spared “kitchen duty” with our falafel wraps and crisp, chopped salads. And of course, no summertime grilling party would be complete without some delicious side dishes like our classic dips with pita. For those who are lucky enough to own a pool and would like to enjoy our traditional dishes in the comfort of their own home, we also offer a catering menu that would enable them to experience a Mediterranean banquet poolside!

So this summer as the mercury begins to reach new heights, beat the heat by taking some time to cool off with us at the Zaki Kabob House. For further information, please contact us.

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Cameron Diaz should try these meat sticks

“You know, I don’t think that they have enough meats on sticks… If you think about it they have plenty of sweets right? They have lollipops, they have fudgesicles, they have popsicles, but they don’t have any other meat on sticks.”

In this brief dialogue from the comedic film, There’s Something About Mary, Cameron Diaz’s character muses over the lack of savory treats on a stick when compared to their sugary counterparts. Obviously, Ms. Diaz has never visited tried one of our kabobs. At the Zaki Kabob House, we not only continue the Mediterranean tradition of roasting meat on a stick, but we have perfected it.

The kabob delicacy has been around for centuries in the Middle East. The kabob is said to have originated in Turkey when wandering nomads would use their swords to roast the various animals they managed to catch. Later, marinades were developed to mask the gaminess of the meat. Fortunately at the Zaki Kabob House, we have the benefit of using only the best chicken, beef and lamb meats for our dishes, so any seasoning we use will only enhance their natural flavors.

Although “shish kabob” specifically refers to meat that is served on a skewer, the term “kabob” itself can be any meat that is cooked on a stick, which is what we specialize in at our restaurant. Our renowned, Zaki Specialty Rotisserie chicken is slowly roasted over open flames until they reach juicy perfection. Our menu also features a variety of lamb, beef and chicken schawerma, which are all roasted on a rotating spit until it’s ready to be sliced and served in sandwiches. This process ensures that the meat remains moist and tender.

So why not visit the Zaki Kabob house at our Albany location for a taste of a Mediterranean cooking tradition? For more information contact us or visit our restaurant. (And maybe invite Cameron Diaz along so she can finally enjoy her “meat on a stick!”)

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Albany Restaurant Offers Chance to Treat Dad to a Healthy Meal

This upcoming Father’s Day weekend, why not take a pass on the other gifts and treat dad to a healthy meal instead? We here at the Zaki Kabob House believe that it’s a superior way to show dad how much you care about his quality of life. Here’s why:

As a man ages, he runs the risk of developing certain ailments like heart disease, prostate cancer, diabetes, kidney disease and cognitive impairments. Many of those conditions may be influenced by a person’s dietary choices. Take cognitive impairments for example. Studies have shown that eating Mediterranean cuisine on a regular basis can help stave off or reduce the chances that those impairments will occur. Similar may be said of diabetes, heart disease and prostate cancer. Thus, by getting dad into the habit of eating healthy, you’re essentially giving him a priceless, long-lasting gift.

If you do decide to bring dad to our Albany restaurant, there is a wide array of wholesome items that he may choose from. One of them is our moujadars. It is lovingly made with rice, red onions and poached green lentils. The green lentils are rich in minerals and vitamins that are ideal for maintaining one’s health. Speaking of which, we also serve red lentil soup as well as leek and lentil soup. Your dad may find favor with either one.

Another excellent dish to consider is our beet salad. Beets are known to be superb sources of betaine. It is said to be beneficial when it comes to preserving cardiac and liver functions. We traditionally adorn the beets with a flavorful vinaigrette made with extra virgin olive oil and fresh lemon juice. Together, they help the liver and heart function too. Other healthy dishes at our Berkeley restaurant that your dad may adore are the falafel burger, chicken moussaka and the tabouleh.

For further information about all of the wonderful Mediterranean dishes available, call 510-527-5452 or just stop by.

1101 San Pablo Ave. Albany CA 94706

open everyday from 11am-3pm and 5pm-9pm

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Savor nutrient-rich food at our Albany restaurant

Zaki Kabob House Albany restaurant
Treating yourself to a high-quality meal involves more than tantalizing flavors; it also means promoting your health and well-being. At our Albany restaurant, we offer delicious, freshly made food that will supply you with essential nutrients. Here are a few of them:

Protein. Proteins are a vital part of every cell in your body. Eating protein-rich food gives you a range of benefits, from preserving the health of each of your muscles, to repairing damaged tissue, to strengthening your hair and nails. High-quality beef, lamb, and chicken are major sources of this macronutrient. Plant proteins are another important source; if you order our red lentil soup, for example, you’ll be getting a good dose of protein.

Calcium. Important for bone health, healthy blood clotting, and the stabilization of your blood pressure, calcium is most often associated with dairy foods. For example, our in-house yogurt drink or the feta cheese topping a healthy salad are both sources of calcium. But calcium is also found in some non-dairy foods. Sesame seeds, for instance, have a good calcium content, and you can enjoy it when ordering a dish with tahini.

Flavonoids. These are compounds found widely in fruits and vegetables. Their precise effects on the body are still being researched, but their effect on our body is considered beneficial if we get them from fresh food sources. In interaction with other compounds in our body, they could reduce the risk of various illnesses, including cardiovascular disease and cancer. So in addition to all the vitamins found in different fruits and vegetables, enjoy the flavonoid benefit too. Order fresh salads and dishes with chopped vegetables.

Vitamin B12. Of all the vitamins, we’re mentioning this one, because of its important role in preserving the health of your brain and the rest of your nervous system. (Given our proximity to UC Berkeley and its bright students, the benefits of B12 are especially important to make note of.) Beef, lamb, and cheese are among the foods richest in B12.

Next time you eat at our restaurant or ask us to cater an event, know that our food isn’t only good for your tastebuds; it helps make your whole body healthy.

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Eat Yourself Beautiful on the Mediterranean Diet at the Zaki Kabob House

If you thought the saying, “True beauty comes from the inside,” was just a figurative expression, think again. Studies have shown that the foods we put into our bodies not only have the ability to keep us healthy, but they actually have the capacity to make us more attractive. This is particularly true of the foods consumed in the Mediterranean diet, whose vitamins and nutrients can tremendously impact our appearance. So before you experiment with the latest cosmetic treatment, why not explore a simpler and tastier approach first by incorporating some foods common to Mediterranean cuisine?


The chickpeas which, are most commonly served mashed in hummus, contain high levels of zinc and protein. Eating foods rich in zinc like beans and lean meat will contribute to a smoother complexion. Zinc is essential for repairing acne and scars because it promotes the shedding of dead skin cells, which makes room for the new healthy cells and leaves your skin glowing and younger looking.

Olive Oil

This staple of the Mediterranean diet, with its rich levels of omega-3 and other essential fatty acids, helps lock moisture into your skin and hair. Keeping your skin hydrated will prevent the dryness and irritation that can lead to break out, while hydrating your hair prevents frizziness and promotes smooth and shiny locks.

Chicken, Lamb and Beef

The protein found in these meats is essential for maintaining healthy hair because it nourishes your scalp and hair follicles. The scalp is responsible for producing keratin, which is the hard protein that forms your hair. The more protein incorporated into your diet, the stronger each strand will be and less likely they’ll be to break or split. So adding these meats to you diet will ensure stronger and longer hair.

Fresh Vegetables

From molokhia to cucumbers, vegetables are no stranger to the Mediterranean Cuisine. The antioxidants found in vegetables such as spinach and tomatoes will help your skin maintain its softness. Antioxidants fight the radicals interfering with the collagen production needed to keep skin supple.

If you’d like to indulge in a beauty treatment that starts from the inside out, visit the Zaki Kabob House Restaurant to try some authentic Mediterranean dishes. We promise that both you and your tastebuds will leave feeling pampered. For further information contact us or visit our restaurant in Albany.

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Zaki Kabob House Restaurant Wants To Share The Keys To The Mediterranean Diet

Many of us have learned about the health benefits of The Mediterranean Diet, and we know that including foods such as legumes, fresh fish, fresh vegetables and, of course Olive Oil, in our diet will help our hearts and brains stay healthy. But, a lot of us are not sure just how much olive oil we need to consume so that we mimic the typical Mediterranean Diet.

It would be helpful to know how often, and in what quantities, we should consume the different types of foods. This way we can incorporate these heart and brain healthy ingredients into our own family favorite meals served at home.

Olive Oil

It would not be the Mediterranean Diet without olive oil, and it is especially important in the preparation of vegetables. All olive oil is high in monounsaturated fats, and the extra-virgin types are also loaded with powerful antioxidants called polyphenols. Try to incorporate about a 1/4 cup into your diet each day, that includes what you use for cooking.


Try to eat four ounces of leafy greens and four ounces of tomatoes, every day. Vegetables are considered an imperative addition to this diet. On top of the greens and tomatoes you should include about eight ounces of another vegetable such as a favorite in the Mediterranean, the Eggplant. You will also find peppers (fresh, roasted or dried) in many of the region’s favorite dishes. Eggplant has shown to have cancer fighting properties and peppers are loaded with all kinds of nutrients for good eye health.


Try to eat about eight to ten ounces of legumes twice a week as they provide iron, zinc and folate as well as being an excellent source of fibre. Studies are showing that beans are also helpful in managing and avoiding Type 2 diabetes as well as lowering our risk of heart disease.

Meat & Fish

Shoot for ten ounces, twice a week, of a fish that is considered “oily” such as sardines, Atlantic Salmon, halibut or mackerel. These are all high in heart-healthy Omega 3 fatty acids. Meats should not be a substantial part of the meal, as in the typical American diet. Try to eat meat in smaller portions and only once or twice a week at the most.


Eat at least seven ounces a day and check to be sure that it contains live cultures. Cheese is only eaten in moderation so to boast the calcium levels in the diet, it depends on sardines with bones, Hazelnuts, leafy green vegetables and even the calcium that will leach from bones slow-cooked in soups or stews.

Here at Zaki Kabob House Restaurant we look forward to introducing you to this amazing diet with it’s rich flavors and traditions. Come, bring your friends, and we will help you make new traditions that are good for your heart in more ways than one.

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Zaki Kabob House, Albany Restaurant Offers Meeting Planners a Healthy Menu Option

Nowadays, many companies are focusing on adopting health and wellness programs for their employees and with good reason. According to some studies, such programs can save companies millions in health care costs and significantly improve staff productivity. Understandably, the depth and breadth of corporate health and wellness programs varies considerably. They can range from providing employees with fitness club passes to ensuring that company luncheons are replete with healthy menu options.

We here at Zaki Kabob House can’t provide you with fitness passes. However, we can help by giving your staff access to healthy foods during business hours. That’s because all of the Mediterranean cuisine listed on our Albany restaurant’s catering menu is nutritious and prepared daily.

Take our vegan platter for example. It serves 10 and includes dolmas, which are made with low-calorie grape leaves. The grape leaves contain vitamins and minerals that are known to help stave off disease, strengthen bones and improve eyesight. The same platter also includes baba ghannouji, hummus and pitas. They are considered beneficial foods as well, especially the hummus. It can help improve your employees’ heart health and provide the protein needed to get through a busy afternoon.

If some of your employees don’t prescribe to a vegan lifestyle, you could always opt to go with our kabob trays instead. They contain all natural, Halal-certified meats like chicken, beef and lamb. The lamb alone is chock full of vitamin B12, zinc and iron. All of which are said to help a person’s body fight off illness.

Our mensaf and maklooba meals for 10 would be appropriate for a corporate luncheon too. They contain rice, meat and other nourishing ingredients. Whichever entrée you choose for your luncheon, don’t forget to add dessert. We make two types of baklava. One is organic and made with pistachios. The other is made with walnuts.

Want to learn more about the benefits of providing your staff with fresh, Mediterranean cuisine? Stop by our 1101 San Pablo Avenue location in Albany or visit our website.

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Mediterreanean Brain Food served daily at Zaki Kobob House

We recently read about a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association which showed that diets rich in the typical foods of the Mediterranian diet appeared to slow the development of cognitive problems in the study participants. The study even pointed to the possibility of preventing Alzheimer’s Disease in some people.

The study included 1,393 participants with no history of mental decline and an additional 482 participants who had exhibited signs of mild cognitive impairment before the study. This type of impairment can often signal the onset of Alzheimer’s Disease.

The study organized the patients into groups based on how closely they followed the typical Mediterranean diet which includes more fish, vegetables, legumes and fruit and less meat, dairy and alcohol than the typical American diet. They also wanted to see more monounsaturated fats such as those found in olive oil, which is a big part of this diet.

After 5 years 275 of the study participants who started out healthy, showed signs of mild cognitive impairment. The result of this part of the study showed a 28% lower risk of developing any cognitive difficulty compared to people not following the diet closely. Those who were in the group only moderately following the diet showed a 17% reduction in risk.

The findings relating to the 482 patients that came into the study with mild cognitive issues, showed that 106 of them went on to develop Alzheimer’s Disease a few years later but for those who followed the diet closely, they experienced a 48% lower risk and the moderate followers a 45% lower risk of developing Alzheimer’s Disease.

The participants averaged about 75 years of age and probably had been eating this type of diet for a decade or more. The study also relied on observations so there could be other factors at play that are not readily apparent. Researchers were confident however that because the Mediterranean diet has already been proved to be “heart-smart”, chances are very good that it is “brain food” as well.

When you are seeking the healthiest Berkeley catering service that will provide the most delicious brain and heart healthy foods to your guests, the Zaki Kabob House Restaurant is your perfect choice.

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